How To Be Free From All Emotional Blocks And Fears
Benjamin P. Hardy

DJ 012 — Fear, pt. 2

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” — Jack Canfield

About two and a half years ago, during an intramural flag football game, I tore my ACL. When it happened I tried convincing myself that it wasn’t that severe but deep down I knew what had happened. What was worse is that it happened right before the start of the winter season and the thought of not snowboarding that year started to eat away at me.

I found snowboarding around the same time I found skateboarding. Besides playing basketball, there were few things, if any, that brought that 6 year old kid the same amount of joy.

Instead of facing the issue head on and going to see the doctor, the fear of missing out on the winter season, I let the fear of having to get surgery, the fear of not being able to do these things as I once could flood my thoughts and stayed stagnant.

No more.

Gary Vee said it best, “we only get one at bat.” 1/400 QUADRILLION. I will not allow anymore time to pass me by and not take action. I’m on a mission in 2017 to get back on board. That 6-year-old kid is counting on me.