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Style Always Wins: 1817 pt.2

Monday Minute 88 — Welcome to the 1817 Park

So while I was writing yesterday’s post I couldn’t help but watch another edit because you know, snowboarding. I’m glad I did because it only brought the stoke level up that much higher. Today I just wanted to highlight a couple reasons why these are some of the best edits for representing snowboarding.


If you see 1817 in the title you can always expect the filming to be on point. There is always a great balance between long lens and fish eye. The fish eye angles, however, are my personal favorite. The opening line from Cody Biersdorf accentuates everything about skate-inspired snowboarding as the fish-eye captures his effortless tricks on the three rail line.


Whenever I watch an 1817 edit, I try to pay close attention to the editing as well as the riding. The cuts, the transitions, the b-roll footy, the timing with the music, you can tell that every detail is deliberate and the end result is always well put together. The use of ramp slow motion is my personal favorite though. Whenever it’s done well it’s the coolest thing ever, especially when a tricks done on a rail. Like at the 2:02 mark for example. Jake Olsen-Elm does a Front Boardslide to switch tail press and as the clip slows down it makes a sound that will never get old to me.


I’ll be here all night if I talked about this. Everyone killed it. EVERYONE. The style was there, everybody stomped their landings clean and there was plenty of creativity to go around with the few features in the park. The last two tricks really got me though. First of all Boody (Matt Boudreaux) came in with a Nollie front 180 switch 5–0 and then had the nerve to 360 out of that. As if the first part of that trick wasn’t hard enough. This easily could have been the ender. But nah. Benny Milam had to shut it down with a doozy. Back 360 on to boardslide pretzel 270 on the donkey dick (yes that’s what it’s called lol). What really got me is how he landed it, like it was just a 50–50 180 out or something. I just watched it again just now and got the same reaction I did the last 50 times I rewinded it, like “Yo, what the fuck…” Is it really that easy?

Shout out to 1817.

Til Tomorrow