DJ 045


Jay Rock Ft. Ab-Soul “NO JOKE”

I found this song about two and a half years ago, about a couple months after I had injured my knee. Funny enough, as I do with a lot of the music I find, I discovered it from a snowboard edit. I missed snowboarding so much that I collected likes of snowboard edits on Vimeo to live vicariously through everyone shredding.

I mentioned before that there are all types of lessons to be learned in hip hop. The last verse from Jay Rock will resonate with me for the rest of my life with this one line alone:

Know I gotta keep it pushing

Far too many times have I allowed myself to stay stagnant. I waited two years to do something about my knee mainly due the fear of how long it will take to come back fully healthy. Two years.

Nah. Staying stagnant’s not an option any longer.

As badly as I want to be 100%, I know that it’ll take some time because nothing great happens overnight.

Life’s a marathon. Stay stagnant and it’ll leave you behind.

Keep it Pushing. #10K