DJ 046

Coming Back

ill Clips — Jeff Fadness

I was going to do another recap of the notecard drawings but once again, technology just wasn’t having it. It doesn’t matter though. The mishap just gave me the opportunity to talk about something else.

A rarity of a snow storm hit Eugene back in 2013 and you already know I had to take advantage. Jeff, a homie from the UO Snow club, hit me up to invite me to come a nearby school and hit this bike that he and a friend had set up. I got a ride to the spot around 2:30 or so and did not get back home until around 7. We lapped the rail well past sunset because it was just that much fun.

Days like these are what I’m eager to come back to. Homies, a couple rails, plenty of snow and stacking clips in between.

I’ll be there soon #10K