DJ 058


Towards the end of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill provides an extensive list of questions of questions for self-assessment. In answering these questions it allows you to “detach yourself” as Jocko Willink would put it and enables you to evaluate your current perspective and change it if need be.

In this journey of self-improvement, I’ve come to learn that one of the most important questions to ask during a self-assessment can be reduced to one word:


Asking why will lead to other significant questions for analysis, especially in the pursuit of a certain goal. The questioning can go as follows:

  • Why am I pursuing this?
  • What is my motivation?
  • How will achieving this make me better?
  • What value will reaching it bring me?

As I will certainly begin to keep this in mind moving forward, I believe the most significant use for me will be questioning when I start to wonder about other people’s opinions, a habit that has hindered me for far too long. Drake’s 2013 anthem All Me has stuck with me since it came out for a number of reasons but this line in particular will resonate forever:

Should I listen to everybody or myself?
Cause myself just told myself
‘You the motherfucking man, you don’t need no help’

In assessing my thoughts on others’ opinions, I’ll just remember the simple question, “why?”

  • why should I honestly give a fuck?
  • What value does valuing someone else’s opinion over mine bring me?
  • How does doing so make me better?
  • How does doing so move me forward in life?

LOTD: Start asking “why?”