DJ 064

Decided, pt. 2

Jocko Motivation — Where Does Discipline Come From? (from Jocko Podcast)
What Discipline Really Means — Jocko Willink

Waking up early has been a constant struggle all of my life. As I mentioned a couple posts back, I’m practically a vampire and it may honestly be hereditary. Though the thought of waking up before 8am never appealed to me, deep down I’ve always known that doing so can benefit me dramatically if I pushed myself and established the discipline to do it, even before reading a countless number of articles on success both on Medium and elsewhere that suggested it.

Now, having heard Jocko Willink preach about the benefits of discipline and how it starts with waking up early, it can no longer be avoided. The essence of Jocko’s teachings on discipline is that when you establish self-discipline, the discipline to face your fears, the discipline to do what you don’t want to do but will make you better in the long run, then you’re free. It starts, however, with a decision to be disciplined.

I’ve woken up at 6:30 a couple of days this past week since discovering the podcast but not on a consistent basis. This week, it’s every day.

Time to get better.