DJ 070

What Matters

So tonight I had plans to cook a meal for the first time in a good minute. Besides the quick and easy eggs/bacon combo and the occasional burger, that’s as far as my culinary reach goes. After Facetiming with a homie from school I haven’t seen since he graduated last summer, I got inspired to finally step out of my comfort zone and whip out the pots and pans. I went to Winco to get some chicken breast and everything.

Bear in mind that it’s Saturday on a college campus. I had no plans on going out but another homie, who also graduated, is back in town from Portland. He’s moving back down to San Diego near the end of the month and invited me out.

I came to Oregon when I was 18. I’ll be 24 in a couple months. In that time, I’ve started to learn what really matters in life. Having your people around is certainly one of them.

Looks like I gotta get ready.