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Handle It

The 58’s — B.White — The Evidence {The Outro} (Official Video)

Coming out of Pittsburg, B. White’s been one of my top favorite rappers, or MC’s rather, for a while now. I first found him and his crew, The 58’s, back in high school when putting out mixtapes on was the thing to do. I can say with confidence that their collective mixtape helped spark my desire to expand my musical horizons.

The Outro is the finale track off of B. White’s solo mixtape The Evidence, which is still one of my favorite mixtapes to date. The Outro has a play count of 513 on my iTunes and for good reason. For one, he chose a DJ Premiere beat so I’ve been automatically intrigued from the jump. Lyrically, he’s top tier, citing lines like:

I’m a go-getter
I do it for the currency
And I don’t know Spitta
I just know dough figures

Spitta, Curren$y, currency, dough, money, like come on. He’s dope.

Once again, despite the high play count, after yesterday I can appreciate this that much more with this line at the 2:00 minute mark:

…Big buisness and rubberband knots
I handle my shit, fuck what another man got

And he really does. He and the 58’s are as underground as it gets. There’s barely even any lyrics to their music on the web. I know, I’ve looked vigorously. They don’t follow trends, they keep to their core and do what they do best: make good, gritty, hardcore hip hop music.

Shout out to B. White and The 58’s, forever.