DJ 085

Offense pt. II

Jocko Willink has a clip on his YouTube page where he discusses his views on self-improvement. In essence, self-improvement is a daily battle against complacency, a never ending fight between going on the offensive or defensive.

The past couple days I’ve seen myself lose ground in that battle as I started to get comfortable with reactionary behavior again. Waking up late, procrastination on the morning routine of meditating, writing, and working out, staying up late on YouTube, the whole system went awry, really.

The progress I’ve made these past three months, however, wasn’t lost after a couple of days. At one point I shut my laptop, laid down on the floor, plugged my earbuds in, went to my Make Moves playlist, played “R.I.C.O” by Meek Mill and Drake and closed my eyes. I planned on lying there listening to the song in full but the urge to get up and do something didn’t take long at all. It started with hanging my hoodies up from the bed and from there turned into a cleaning expedition. From my room itself, to laundry, to the dishes, all the way to the bathroom, nothing was safe. It was getting cleaned.

It really does feel better when you’re on the offensive. Not only did I feel better about how my space looked, a lot of inspiration for writing came to me while I was on the cleaning spree. I will attribute listening to music the whole time because that is what always gets me going. The playlist matched the mood. I had to make moves.

Reminder of the day: Being proactive feels a lot better than being reactive.