DJ 094

Follow Your Fears

Just as I did yesterday in the first day of class, I got a reminder of a life lesson from the introduction of the class. One of the requirements for an art major at the UO is to take two classes of different mediums. I chose Intro to Jewelry because for one, it seemed like it’d be interesting and two, it was the only class open that filled the requirement.

Anyway, inspiration came when the teacher told her story of being an undergrad after everyone had told a little something about themselves. It took her six years before she completed the undergraduate program as an art major. For a while she actively avoided becoming one because it scared her for the some of same reasons it scared me. The lack of practicality in getting an art degree, the difficulty in finding work after school, etc., etc.

I’m in my sixth year so you can imagine how much her story resonated with me. There was a period of about a year and a half where I was undeclared, floating because I thought I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. But deep down I knew. In fact, I’ve known since high school. I too was actively avoiding it out of fear.

I came in as a freshman declaring for an economics major, which was admittedly after I couldn’t find the business major option (later found it under business “administration” *facepalm*). But in all honesty, I was going to sign up for a business major because I was trying to please my parents. I ignored the fact that out of all of the classes I took in high school, the art classes were the ones I enjoyed the most. I let fear of their criticism dictate my choice and that carried on into college.

Reminder of the day:

Follow your fears, they’ll lead the way. As Jack Canfield said,

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.