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What It Is

As it has been doing since I turned the setting on, Headspace came through with another handy Mindful Moment today, reading:

Always wanting things to be different is exhausting. Meditation shows us how to be at ease with things, whilst being open to change.

I can say from experience that it truly is exhausting. Constantly wishing things were different, wishing that I wasn’t injured back in 2014 only made never made it any better. In fact, doing so might have only added to the pain.

Starting to meditate was one of the best choices I’ve made this year. While I still get caught up in my thoughts at times, it really has helped me significantly, especially with acceptance. Rather than trying to suppress thoughts and forcing the mind to be a certain, simply observing them and letting them go feels a lot better. Accepting that I’m not where I want to be physically rather than wishing differently feels a lot better.

When that happens it’s just as the Mindful Moment says. When acceptance occurs, the mind is more open to change. It gives the opportunity to make a choice. In accepting the situation I’m in rather than harping on it, I have the choice to take action to change the situation, to go on offense and ultimately start to feel better.


Acceptance of the situation is the first step to moving forward. As Michael J. Fox explains:

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.