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It’s Simple

Today while I was working on an assignment for Jewelry class I found myself getting stuck again. We just finished learning how to rivet so we have three sets of riveting samples due Tuesday. While I had taken notes during the demo on Tuesday, when I came in today I wasn’t all that confident in them, even though I had paid attention during the whole presentation (visual learning has always been my strong suit).

After sitting there just thinking about the process I decided to act on what I could remember. With Thursday fresh on my mind I asked for help when I needed it. Once I got going I realized that it was a lot less complicated than I made it to be, as I finished the first rivet set in about 10 minutes.

Reminders of the day:

Trust yourself — There was a video from the Berrics a couple years ago with Paul Rodriguez, one of my favorite skaters and a couple others that came out around New Years, not sure which year. While I don’t remember what the video was about I remember what he said his motto was for the year:

Believe in your abilities.

Have confidence in everything you do.

It’s Simple. Just go. — It’s no secret that overthinking has been an issue for me what seems like forever. While I did figure it out eventually, overanalyzing only lead me to overcomplicate a process that was much simpler in reality. It also kept me from taking action. I spent a lot more time thinking about what to do to get it done than actually figuring out how to do it on the run.