DJ 118


Music and snowboarding, as well as music and skateboarding, go hand in hand. The most memorable video parts in each are the ones where the music moves seamlessly with the skating or snowboarding as the edit progresses.

For me it’s the same deal. I like to have music playing, especially when I’m snowboarding because it helps to get me moving. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I have so many likes on Vimeo. A lot of the music I’ve discovered over the years has come from edits of skating and snowboarding. I’ve got a playlist curated of songs that I’ve gotten from edits or ones that I found on my own that get me hyped.

If I had to pick a go-to artist from the playlist it would have to be Waka Flocka. A high-energy banger from him blasting through the earbuds never fails to get me moving. For one, I’ve found a lot of edits online that feature his music:

Brendon Rego — Park Footy 2012

If there’s one song, however, that I play on the regular from him, even when I’m just cruising around now, it’s “Inky.”

yWaka Flocka feat. Slim Dunkin & Wooh Da Kid — Inky

I first found it a couple years ago when my knee was finally starting to feel better after I injured it. I was about to go 7 Eleven one night to get some snacks and at the time I was playing bumping another song from Waka. Before I had the chance to change songs, another one that I hadn’t heard started to play. Before I pressed skipped, I let the intro ride out for a bit, and then the bass came in. After that I was hooked. I skated to 7 Eleven with this on repeat, played it maybe three times. It felt good to be back on board again, listening to music after months of hobbling around.

Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the day when I can strap in at the top of the lift, queue this song, press play, and have this thump in my ear the whole way down.

It’s going to be hype as fuck when I do.