DJ 120

Still Time

I don’t think I could have found this article at a better time. I have indeed been experiencing that feeling of losing my grip on 2017. I’ve fallen even further behind on the notecard drawings, which brings up old habits of thinking that I’ve failed. As everything is connected, with that feeling comes old habits of complacency. Staying up late, not eating as well as I could, and not pushing myself on workouts have ensued. Most importantly, I’ve slacked on building up my mind. Last year I wrote down affirmations everyday in the morning. While I know that I need to say them too, simply doing that worked well for me because doing so practically embedded them in my mind.

Despite all of that, Niklas Goeke is right. We are only four months into 2017. Plus, has still been made because I’ve written everyday on here in that time and I do not plan on stopping. I just have to make an adjustment.

There may be time to recover but I know that there’s no time to waste. I haven’t forgot about yesterday nor will I forget these words from Jay Rock:

Know I gotta hold it down
Know I gotta run my town
Know tomorrow’s never promised
Know I gotta get it now

Let’s get it.