DJ 124


It’s 10:51 pm as I write this from a booth in the library. I’m coming off of a 2 hour nap but I’m still fending off the heavy eyelids from lack of sleep in the past 30 plus hours.

In the end, it was worth it.

Yesterday I said that it would require an all nighter to help finish this project and that’s exactly what happened. I went to Jewelry class at 8 am and I’m not sure I would be able to count how many times I yawned throughout. I was feeling the effects of lack of sleep early but I put them aside as I had set on a mission the night before to finish the digital arts project. And a mission it was. I skated every which way around campus, printing the paper aspect of the project, to and from the Duck Store for supplies, to the library to write a self-evaluation that was due as well, everywhere. Mind you, this was on the hottest day of spring so far as well.

Of course, not everything went as planned. The paper I used for the project wasn’t what I expected it to be. I had to change up the construction of my project multiple times to make it work. Times like this would have stressed me out in the past and it came close this time as well. Not close enough though. Despite mishaps, I was able to adjust and finish the construction, turn in my digital files, and make it to class for critique.

My projects may have not come quite like I imagined but in my eyes, I’d chalk the last 30 hours as a win. There wasn’t much thinking or worrying about it all, just doing. There were multiple instances where I thought about checking the time but decided against it. Instead of getting caught up in how much time I have left I focused on getting it done. Most of all, today was a win because last night I set out to finish the project and that’s exactly what happened. As Drake said on the song “Both” by Gucci Mane,

Man, I said that I would do it and I did

Small wins. They matter.