DJ 131


As I was sitting here in the library trying to figure out what to write about, I found myself reflecting on what “I can” did for me again. Not really about how it worked for me, but rather why and I believe I’ve figured it out. Lack of self-confidence is ultimately coupled with lack of self-trust. I can remember plenty of times where I didn’t trust myself but the most evident examples come from playing basketball at school. Through the majority of high school, I had a terrible problem with turning the ball over on offense and it was all due to lack of self-trust. I didn’t trust myself as a point guard to run the offense because I didn’t have much confidence in my dribbling. I lacked faith in my game and it always translated onto the court.

It was only when I trusted myself, when I believed in my abilities, when I had faith in my knowledge of the game that I played well.

LOTD: Trust yourself.