DJ 133

On a Mission pt. IV

ThirtyTwo has been one of my favorite one of my favorite snowboard companies for a while now. The Lashed boot is one of the comfiest I’ve had to date and the team is top tier. Because of the latter, in my opinion, they put out some of the best edits on the internet.

Spot Check — Loon Mountain 2014
Spot Check — Mammoth Mtn 2014

In search of something to write about, I suddenly had the urge to watch a couple edit a couple edits I hadn’t watched in a while and these two immediately came to mind. These are probably two of my top five favorite edits that they’ve put out to date. For one, the music choices are always on point in the Spot Check edits. In accompanying the music, I swear each video they put out is edited flawlessly. It’s the little things too. The part in the Mammoth video at the 2:32 where the beat matches the bulb flash with the slow mo is just…yeah. I draw a lot of inspiration from their style of editing. If you watch their other edits, there’s a certain music video vibe to them, which I greatly appreciate.

I’m glad I watched two edits because as they always do, they gave me big boost in motivation only this time was different. Back around that time in 2014, I watched these edits religiously to get hyped to go ride. I dreamed of being able to be in them one day. Not only did it remind me how much I want to be out there but most importantly how much work I have to do get back. These videos came out three years ago. I practically still remember when they dropped and how stoked I was when I heard the song choices.

I’m not letting another season go by without strapping in.

I gotta get back.