DJ 135

Who TF Cares?

A couple posts back I talked briefly about the power of affirmations as well as trusting my abilities. While I was sitting with my notebook preparing to write this, my train of thought eventually lead me back to the concept of not giving a fuck. The thought that lead to that escaped me but I realized that it was not something that really doesn’t concern me.

In leading up to the finale of “I can do anything,” an other affirmation I would write is “who tf (the fuck) cares? I’m doing me.” Going back to playing basketball growing up, I remembered that it was for experiences like those that I decided to internalize this phrase. Lack in faith in my skills certainly held me back, no question. But in worrying about other’s opinions, I was so concerned with how I looked when making a turnover that I’d be terrified to make a mistake. I’d be so concerned about other’s thoughts on my game that I neglected to focus on it myself. Ironically, focusing on not making mistake only lead to making more mistakes, creating a vicious cycle of depleting in confidence.


If I could, I’d give this message to 15–16 year old me:

Who cares? Who the fuck cares if you make a mistake? So what? It doesn’t matter as long as you learn from it. Get the next one and keep it pushing. Plus, you’re not your mistakes. Trust in your abilities and knowledge of the game. You know you’re good now play like it.