DJ 144

’Cause it’s Fun

Frontside boardslide by me. Photo: the homie Jake Therrien

The dream of getting sponsored, whether it be in skating or snowboarding has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. There were times where I let the light of that dream dim down in my mind due to fear of not being good enough, fear of others opinions, and a few other reasons that I know now are silly. There were times, however, when it seemed in reach, especially after moving to Oregon.

With that said, I couldn’t agree more with the first thing on Tim Denning’s list above. Snowboarding’s fun as shit. It certainly does take a lot of work to get good at it. But to be honest, it never feels like work. I remember one summer in between freshman and sophomore year, I would strap in in the living room of my dad’s apartment, damn nearly fully dressed in snow gear, and just practice tricks while I filmed myself on my laptop. I knew that a lot of doing tricks is just muscle memory so I just started doing tricks on flat so I would have them once winter came around. Even though I was practicing my craft aiming to get better, it never felt like work. It was just another chance to be on my board. It was fun.

To be continued.