DJ 172


Wrote down this thought while journaling on my birthday:

Yo, are you going to listen to your heart and your gut with discipline and follow or are you going to let fear stop you like it has for the past 24 years? You choose.

Discipline. That’s really where it all starts for me. I mentioned a video of a Les Brown speech compilation a couple posts back. There was a section of a speech where Brown asked the crowd how different their lives would be had they applied some self-discipline in the past. It was one of the sections that hit me the most because I know all too well that it would dramatically different. I can only imagine where I’d be had I figured out practicing snowboarding on flat ground sooner.

I know mastering self-discipline will take me to new heights. And as I was sitting here thinking about it, I realize that it starts with paying close attention to what the heart/gut is trying to tell me. It starts with listening to those flashes of an idea you know will benefit you and acting on it immediately, no matter how uncomfortable that might be.