DJ 173


Last year while I was at an outdoor park near my house shooting hoops, I had an experience that I will always remember. I had been out there for a while shooting and at one point I went to lay down grass by the court. I remember getting caught up in my thoughts for a minute, reminiscing on some not-so-fun memories like getting hurt.

What’s crazy is is that this is before I found mediation. I was starting to become aware of thoughts on my own merit. Once I had caught myself, I immediately open my eyes, looking up at the trees above me. The way the sunlight peaked through the leaves, in that moment it was one of the most beautiful outdoor scenes I had ever seen.

The homie asked jokingly if I was in my happy place because he saw me smiling. This was the result of the enlightening experience I just had. I was smiling because I had experienced everything that Niklas Goeke laid out in the article above. In looking up in that moment, I had realized that the past couldn’t hurt me, that the past doesn’t matter, and how great it was to be alive all in one fell swoop.

Looking back, that was one experience where I can say I was truly in the present moment.