DJ 189


The NBA Summer league has been going on for the past week and a half and I’ve managed to catch a couple games here and there. I’ve been wanting to check out the new rookies this year because the draft class this year was pretty talented.

Watching them and other highlights on YouTube today got me thinking about competition and how much I’m thankful for it. I really do believe that competition is healthy. I have always been competitive and I will always be competitive. Often I’m a good sport about losing but sometimes I have a hard time hiding that. I wanna win. Looking back, it’s one of the reasons I gravitated towards the friends, especially in Nashville. Baseball, football, basketball, Ping Pong, Mario Kart, various PS2 games, it didn’t matter. We’d compete in everything.

It’s just as Bernhard Langer said, though. Competition makes you work harder and strive for more. Once I moved to Nashville and saw how everyone could play basketball, I strived to get better. Competition got me in the gym to work on my jumpshot more. Competition kept me working to get better to keep up with one my best friends from Nashville. I always felt a step behind him, like Vegeta does about Goku. That’s one of the reasons I identify with Vegeta. I always felt like second best. Competition created the drive to change that.

Competition is key.