DJ 194

The Only Problem

Today, I have found yet another reason why it’s so imperative to be in the present.

If there’s one blog that I have gotten immense value from, it’s Attraction Institute. It’s been a go-to for knowledge on multiple topics from women to self-mastery. I went to the site looking for another article I haven’t read in a while but got distracted by this one after piquing my interest with the title.

The basis of the article is that looking in the past for solutions to your problems is a guaranteed way to not find them. Yeah, I got that part at this point. But what got me the most is a section where Leigh explains why it’s detrimental.

But worse than just being unproductive, trying to find the reason you are the way you are can actually take you further away from your goals.
If you’re looking into the past to try and find a cause, what are you doing on a subconscious level? You’re trying to find something, other than yourself, to assign responsibility for the problems you face in life.

I know for a fact that I’ve been practicing this for years. I’d always be looking back to figure out why things were the way they were, why I was the way I was. All the while I was really pinning the blame on an external source for my circumstances in life. By trying to external reasons for my situation, I was telling myself subconsciously that it was out of my control, that I was helpless. Not only did I not realize that I was making the situation worse by doing that, but I was missing out on the solution that was right under my nose.

I heard a quote in a motivational video that I downloaded a while ago that’s resonated with me since:

I am the only problem I will ever have and I am the solution — Bob Proctor

Again, problems are really just opportunities/situations. The only problem that will ever be is how I handle them.

I’m the problem. And yet, I am the solution.