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Make Move: Bet Money

Gucci Mane — Bet Money

If there’s one song that’s been playing heavy in the rotation from my Make Moves playlist lately, it’s Bet Money by Gucci Mane featuring K Camp. This past spring term, when I would skate back from the late night library missions, I’d queue this up on my phone. For one, it’s turnt enough to play as I skate. It’s fast paced and the beat definitely thumps. Two, I draw a lot of inspiration and motivation from it, especially the hook.

When I first heard the song, I just thought it was another banger to add to the collection. The more I listened to it, however, the more it started to speak to me on another level. And again, it all starts with the hook. As I listened to it before I started writing my notes, I got more hyped than usual because I realized the hook speaks to the idea of “I can.

[Hook: K Camp]
They said I couldn’t get rich out here bet money
All that sideline talk don’t make no money…

It’s self-belief wrapped in determination to be successful. It’s that drive to prove himself right and the nay-sayers wrong all in one. It’s that “Oh you think I won’t make it, huh? Alright, bet. WATCH ME” attitude.

That’s more than enough to get me moving.



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