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First Step

“Fitness is the first step to greatness.” — Justin Kan

I heard this quote the other day and it immediately intrigued me. That prompted me to google search the quote which ultimately lead me to the article above. And I have to say, I agree with everything that Helena Pilih has pointed out about fitness.

At the beginning of last year, once I had gotten back from Christmas break, I decided to get back to working out after neglecting to do so for a while. I was the heaviest I had been, weighing in at around 235 pounds and I had had enough of it. After recently discovering, I made it my mission to do abs daily via one of their 30 day challenges. I knew that having a strong body starts with the core so I started with a 30 day ab challenge. The first day consists of 10 sit-ups, 20 flutter kicks and a 30 sec plank. Now, that seems like absolute child’s play, but back then that was just what I needed.

Looking back on it, that was one of the best decisions I could have made at the time. Even though it was tough at first, in the end it was worth it to watch the red Xs pile up as I completed each workout. In fact, I’ve discovered that 30 day challenges work great for me because they lead up to everything Helena wrote about. Each day, aside from the rest days, gets harder and harder, pushing you further and further from comfortability. And that’s the thing, you’re doing it everyday. You can literally watch yourself get stronger on the daily. Momentum starts to build after about 7–10 days and before you know it, you’ve completed 30 days straight of working out, feeling better than ever.

The boost in confidence is definitely the most significant benefit to fitness. After I completed my first 30 day challenge, I felt so good about myself that I wanted to jump right into the next one. I actively looked for another challenge which was something that I haven’t done too often in my life. But that’s what these challenges have taught me:

Seeking out challenges is how you get better. It’s how you grow.