DJ 210 — Vol. II

Blinders II

I’m slacking on the documentation. This is the only pic I have from today

Day 2 back at the gym and I found myself in a situation similar to one I wrote about last year. It has everything to do with what Rico Hines said in the video too.

Before I workout, I’ll get warm by shooting around on the court for a bit. And after too actually. But to warm up I’ll do some form shooting, free throws, put up some threes and jog after misses, whatever comes to mind basically. Even though it’s a warm up, right now it’s an opportunity to get some work in, to get my basketball mojo back and then some. A couple times while doing so, I caught myself looking around and it’s just as Rico said. It only slowed me down. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, like at all. It’s just the fact that in that time looking another jump shot could’ve been taken.

For me right now, however, it’s more important to keep the blinders on while working out. Not only does looking around slow you down, but it can also lead to, especially in the gym, comparing to others. That shit’s a waste of time. I know I’ve lost a lot of it doing that myself.

Having blinders on in the gym is imperative. Simple.