DJ 216

QT: Artistry Within

Gary Busey and Turtle —

In continuing with the nostalgic TV shows, I restarted whats come to be one of my favorite shows I’ve ever watched, Entourage. One of the reasons it’s become such a staple in my book is because over time, watching it became a a family ordeal amongst our crew of friends.

Point is we watched a lot of Entourage. With that, there’s this hilarious episode featuring Gary Busey where Vincent Chase and the crew go to visit Gary and his art collection at an exhibit. It’s a funny episode it really emphasizes how crazy he is once you get to the beach scene with him and Turtle.

It’s funny, I’ve watched this episode multiple times. I’ve seen the wackiness/craziness that Busey brings to the show. This time around was different because like a good book, I caught a few things I didn’t notice before. During the scene where Turtle confronts Gary about a sculpture that he knocked over, Busey drops the line “we’re all looking for the art within ourselves.” At first, I almost glossed over it like I did in the past thinking it was just another funny part of the bit. But then when I started to think about it, I wondered ‘is he on to something?

He said we’re trying to find the art within ourselves. To make art, to be an artist is to create. And really, we are all creators. Whether we know it or not, we are creators of our own realities, sculptors of our lives.

To be continued.