DJ 223 — Vol. II

It’s Simple…

For lack of a picture from yesterday’s session, this was the view I was working with today. I believe I’m coming up on two weeks straight of being back in here as of today. Or I might have already hit the two week mark. I’m not sure and frankly it doesn’t matter. I’m on a mission to make this a habit so counting days doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the change was made to go in the first place. After half a year, mind you. Up until these past couple of weeks it’s been nothing but Darebee challenges I can do at home, really. I’m well aware of how long I’ve been absent from the gym. But what got me just a moment a go was how simple it was to make the change. That, and how much I overcomplicated it in the first place. The thing I’ve realized lately is that there’s nothing to it. No tricks, no nothing. One day, I thought about going to the gym and I just went.

Since last year Jocko Willink has become a source of inspiration/motivation. On his Twitter page, he’s always answering questions about everything from his books to Brazilian Ju Jitsu. The types of questions I see most are “how do I do…”, like wake up early for example.

He answers simply, “you wake up earlier.”

There’s no trick…There’s just doing it, something I’ve been working to keep in mind.

It’s simple.