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Tunnel Vision

Dizzy Wright feat. Demrick — “Make Moves Wit Me” OFFICIAL VERSION

I’ve come to the conclusion that Dizzy Wright is one of those under appreciated artists that simply makes good music. I’ll even admit aside from a few songs I haven’t been listening to him as much. But, after listening to The Golden Age 2 I was quickly reminded why I was drawn to Dizzy in the first place. He just knows how to make good music. Not the stuff that’s meant to be tuned out and enjoy what’s on the surface. Nah, his music always has some bite to it, the type of music you take the time to sit down and digest.

And sit down I did. At the end of the first listen, I remember thinking that the timing of this album release could not have been any better. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it before but Dizzy always comes through with the uplifting and motivational raps. There were multiple points where it felt like he was talking to me directly, telling me just what I needed to hear, whether I wanted to hear it or not.

His crew also followed suit throughout the whole project and did their thing. Of the number of quotable lyrics that are found on this project (that’s a post or two for later), a few of those lines came from Demrick on the appropriately titled “Make Moves Wit Me:”

Thankful for the life I’m living this is God’s decision
I got the tunnel vision hustle till I got attention
They talking tweet style I’m the rapper they got to mention

With the way the beat was riding so smooth coupled with Dizzy’s opening verse, I was already enjoying the track heavily. Then I heard that line and started vibing even more. I like that a lot. That’s just another way of thinking about being unstoppable. Having that tunnel vision, that laser focus to block out all of the noise all around and focusing on that goal that’s straight ahead. To me, that’s reminder to keep the vision, the goals, the mission in mind and just move towards it.



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