DJ 241


Not to quote Ice Cube, but today was a good day, mainly because it was a day of breaking pattern. I went to the river to chill but once I came back, before I even entered my apartment complex, I decided to go out and drive, find some place to eat. I ended up at one of my favorite burger places around town after craving it for what seems like months now. I sat by myself too, which historically is something that’s made me uncomfortable. I honestly did it for that very reason too, because fuck it, I wanted that burger.

Reeling it back in, the topic of discussion happened while driving on this burger mission. With it set to shuffle, my phone eventually chose Inky by Waka Flocka and naturally, I was hyped with the selection. Then for a moment, I was brought back to freshman year, most likely because I really started to get into Flocka at that time. Weirdly, it brought me back to times I went to the gym that year. In accordance to how I found the song, it brought me back to missions to the mountain I made as well.

I’ve said before that music is essentially a time capsule. Memories, from where you were when you first heard a song to how you felt listening to it, can all be encompassed within a track. For me, listening to Inky, even though I found the song rather recently, I got the feeling I get when I listen to something like “Headlines”: like I’m hungry. Like I’m ready to make moves.

To be continued.