DJ 291

Progress II

I had another moment where I felt compelled to write something down from class for my personal benefit today. It was during my conceptual art class and the teacher pulled a quote from an old French philosopher named Blaise Pascal out of nowhere (not gonna act like I didn’t look that up). Jokes aside, the quote was quite profound:

I definitely had to let that one sink in for a few seconds but after that, it became clear how true it was. I can say for certain that that was the source of a lot of my problems growing up. I’ve actually thought about this before a little bit too. Now, I see why I had to keep myself distracted with all kinds of screens and music, to be honest, because I didn’t like what went on in my head too much.

But I’m looking back on that right now with a smile because because now, that I’ve been doing this daily blog ordeal, plotting on a come up all while writing it down and posting it (not all of it though..), I don’t mind these late night writing sessions anymore. Especially after these past couple days, the guide of 5s list is still growing.

I know I still have work to do but I can acknowledge that I’ve gotten a lot better at just chilling with my thoughts. When you write, that’s actually somewhat required.

Nevertheless, I’m only going to get better because I’m not stopping anytime soon.



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