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Being one who heard the comments that the author is referring to from the floor I was disgusted. I wrote this on another fiends post about the article. What he is espousing is exactly why men don’t want anything to do with church.

The male motif of strong tough guy, you know the one who speaks coarsly and jokes about sex is based on an understanding of masculinity that was defined after the fall not God’s ideal for a man. We have lost touch with our true nature what we were created to be. Sacrificial servants with a capacity to be vulnerable transparent and focused on serving others. It makes me sad to see this myth of manhood espoused by any church leader or that matter any follower of Christ. He is our example strong yet vulnerable caring for others before himself. If wanting to be a vulnerable servant is girly then I guess I am girly. Let us embrace who and what we were truly created to be not a distorted incorrect image.

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