Defiance: Why I’ll Never Stop Fighting for Equality

Sometimes in response to the things I write, which are very defiant in tone, a lot of people who aren’t aware of the struggles the disabled, and all vulnerable communities, tend to react with ignorance.

They claim that by me pointing out the various flaws in society and the very real problems the disabled and many communities face that somehow I am attacking privileged people in society.

Apparently by me saying I am pro-disabled, I am, according to ignorant people, anti-able bodied.

I say this as calmly as I can, don’t you dare degrade me and the community I represent and the communities I campaign with. Are you being serious when you say that white, able bodied, heterosexuals are under attack?

That opinion is 100% false, and used as a way to deflect from the issues at hand in order to make communities who face REAL discrimination as irrelevant as possible, in a modern context.

I will say that the majority of people I speak to, because of my campaigning, are truly open-minded and empathetic to the situation, it’s just they don’t have the loudest voices.

The small % in politics and in society, are the ones that can make a difference. In my opinion, 1 person who has avoided mistreatment in society tends to have more of an influence than 10 disabled people.

Due to the fact that the disabled community is largely still seen as ‘abnormal’ and the fact that the majority of problems the community face are largely ignored, our opinions just aren’t heard, or people don’t want to hear them.

The people, who tell me that I want to take away from others, really have never grasped what it is I am fighting and probably have never seen the effects of discrimination on various communities.

In condemning my work, with unfounded statements, they actually do me a favour. In doing this, they broadcast and highlight their own feelings and beliefs. It saves me having to do it, because they are unaware of their thoughts and words, they actually make their bigotry open for the world to see.

As a campaigner and as a person who is constantly mistreated because of something I can’t control, I really do notice ignorance. I notice when people differentiate between communities like the disabled and, in their words, “the normal”, even if they can’t see it. After years of people saying society is progressing and these views were long-lost down the hallway of time, I know that is not the case and injustice/inequality is more present and potent than it has been for a long time.

Here’s the difference, when I talk about wanting more for me and other communities that is my sole desire, which doesn’t mean taking away from others.

When the people who attack talk about being ‘under attack’, yet are no way near discriminated against, what they are truly saying is “I don’t want to share”.

Bigots are like school-children in many ways, they don’t want to share their pieces of Lego, and they are determined to take your pieces as well.

I want to equally share the bricks out so we can all have a hand in building a structure that supports us all, and no progress can happen, if they privileged kids don’t share the bricks.

That’s not how society works, and I am sick of people trying to make what I do and what others do irrelevant, in order so they can stay on their untouched, and unchallenged podiums.

So many people believe what the media tells them, so many people are indoctrinated with the belief that, even though they are privileged and have history on their side, they are ‘under threat’.

That’s the reaction of the ‘sheep’ as I call them, they are mindless and follow anything, they are easy to manipulate.

A ‘sheep’ is a person who is swayed and follows propaganda, spread by the political machines, and the demagogic and divisive media that happen to have huge influence, sadly, on our society.

They are marinated and drenched in what hundreds of years of politicians and systems have told them about certain groups, and unknowingly still hold beliefs about groups.

It’s unconscious to a lot of people, but I am very aware, from experience, that some of the people who I considered allies changed their opinions and how the treated my existence, once I was defined by a disability.

They weren’t outright hateful, for the most part, but they began being swayed by the bullies who used slurs and terms to destroy my confidence, they joined in the berating and swarmed like bees to flowers, and all took turns in having their shots whilst I was bare.

That neo- ‘Victorian freak-show’ treatment showed me a lot about the problems I would face because many deemed as an ‘other’, as not like them, as abnormal and irrelevant.

The idea that the white, able-bodied and heterosexual are under attack is just laughable, it really truly is. When has a person been ‘too able’ to gain employment, when has somebody been denied service at a shop for being ‘too straight’, and when has someone faced economic inequality for being ‘too white’?

The answer is never, because these groups have prospered at the expense of many groups.

This isn’t to say that every person, who is white, able-bodied and heterosexual, is accountable for mistreatment and has had a hand in bigotry, because that isn’t true.

I know a lot of people of all backgrounds and of all abilities, who are open-minded, good and loving human beings.

It’s just the minority % has a huge effect, because they shout louder, on the futures of many people within the targeted communities I have mentioned prior.

Fighting for equality, is simply just “I want equal”, not “I want yours too”, unlike many regressive people who want to take all the kids candy in the neighbourhood.

I am defiant, like many people who face futures out of their hands, I will not lie down and take what the regressive have to throw at me, and I will not give up on my life, just because you have given up on me!
 JD Weaver

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