My Letter To Humanity

You shouldn't respect opinions that demonise and hurt vulnerable communities! So many people feel they have opinions that are fact but are nothing but unsubstantiated claims based on fear and ill-education. As one great campaigning mentor of mine said "knowledge is finding the truth for yourself based on experience of people in the communities that face inequality"

The only way you can find out truth is to ask communities affected by racism, ablism, homophobia and many other disgusting forms of discrimination.

Until you do, you'll never find truth you'll just be a sheep reading whatever is pumped out by corrupt propagandist news.

They don't tell you what you should know, and they don't tell you your human responsibility. They act in division, demagoguery and hate because, guess what, that keeps morons in business.

I am sick of hearing, after asking where bigots get their facts from, "I saw it on the news" people don’t realise that even if they think it’s credible it’s not, it’s the antithesis of that.

As a result, people will use fake made up statistics in order to demonise communities in order to move the blame on to someone else and misappropriate their guilt to help soothe their ego.

It creates lies about communities in order to help white, able bodied straight men feel like they have no guilt, and it tries to convince people that everything's okay. It's not, these issues are still present for communities it's just to the outside world theyve taken covert manifestations.

Privilege people then claim they're under attack even though they haven't had 300+ years of commonplace hatred, and have never been targeted to the extent that others have.

White and able bodied people control the laws, they control institutions and they control vulnerable people's lives still.

Just because you can’t see it or refuse to acknowledge entrenched discrimination doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Furthermore, it isn't enough to accept that some people hold these views it's my job as a campaigner to say, "youre wrong in every sense"

You can accept opinions, but when opinions demonise, demean and debase vulnerable people and the very real struggle they face, because of race, religion, ability and sexuality, then I don't have to accept that.

It's bullying, it's callous and it goes against everything it means to be human!

To all the people who may succumb to fear, don’t fall into fear because fear becomes hatred and it will take a cataclysmic event for us to see the error of society’s ways. Let’s realise that no matter what clothing you wear, no matter your sexuality, race and religion, you all deserve freedom, equality and a society that works in your corner.

We need to fix this ignorant world!

If you have these views that demonise others think of this. Historically, to a lesser degree, the working class werent given respect and were denied the futures of the higher echelons, you know how that feels, you know what being treated as lesser feels like, so please open your hearts to suffering in this country and the vast world.

If you know what injustice and inequality feels like you shouldn't wish the same for others or be ignorant to the plight of others.

Knowing ignorance and unknowing ignorance both lead to an environment where people are mistreated and the majority of society is unaware!

In this world the majority are scared because of unjust systems, leaders that rule like tyrants and who have no idea, we are all united by indifference.

We need to stop this hatred and demagoguery, that breeds discriminatory behaviour, we have one world and if we deny others respect and dignity then in turn nobody is free.

I'm sorry if my campaigning and the campaigning of others is an imposition but we are fighting for the things that most already have and we demand equality, is that too much to ask?!

We are all brothers and sisters on this planet, do you want your earth family to suffer??

JD Weaver

Twitter: @jdweavermusic

Instagram: @jdweavermusic