Marketing for Writers: The Key to Making Money

Writing is fantastic, but it would be even better if we got paid for it.

Being a writer is fun, isn’t it? You get to create awesome content that you can point at and tell the world that you made. You get to create worlds and rules for interaction. You pretty much get to make crap up and get paid for it! How awesome is that?

If you’re going to make money from your writing, then being a writer also means constantly marketing yourself as a writer. That was the part I have always struggled with, and the part that I knew I would continue to struggle with. I needed to figure out how to shout to everyone that I am a writer, and convince readers to consume my content. This is the aspect that I spent much longer researching. I took classes, I read up on what other great writers thought about the marketing aspect of their work. I curated the best things any writer can do to get the word out about themselves and their written works. Then I did what any aspiring writer should do — I put those suggestions into action.

Some worked while others did not. I started collaborating with other writers and getting their input on which tactics worked for them, and which ones were just provided by “gurus” to profit from. (You would be surprised as to how many ebooks and guru manuals are just BS and have not been tested by the one selling it.) I have curated some of the tactics that work for aspiring writers and am going to share them with you here. You just have to promise me one thing though, if you read them then you have to take action on at least one of them. Deal?

Here we go…

1. Maintain an Active Social Profile

Connect with others constantly on social media. Be a part of the conversation in the area that you specialize in as a writer. Answer questions on Quora and reddit. Make connections and join the conversation on Twitter. Keep a Facebook author page, and optimize your author page on Amazon (if you publish books). This will get new readers interested in your material constantly. If you are a freelance writer then say as much in your social profiles. This can increase the amount of business you get by as much as 20% in my experiences. Whatever your goals are, make sure your social profiles reflect them.

2. Guest Post on Industry Blogs

This is the best way to get in front of a targeted audience. You should know where your potential readers hang out online, and you should put yourself in front of them on those canvas’. If your readers are together, then you should be with them. They should learn to look at you as one of the authoritative figures on their subject of interest. An interesting tip here is that the smaller the group is usually results in a higher level of difficulty to break in and become accepted as an authority. Relationships in that type of setting are much stronger and harder to become a part of.

3. Follow the 5 by 5 Rule

What the heck is the 5 by 5 rule? It is pretty simple. You just have to reach out to 5 people every single day about your writing. Then you have to reach out to 5 people every single day about their writing. When you follow this rule you’ll be following my advice of loving 5 other people besides yourself first. That is key to turning readers into customers. You’ll also be putting your name out there in a big way. You’ll be letting 5 people know about you and know about you’re writing every single day. You’ll also be putting your name out there as an industry player with 5 different audiences every day. This marketing method can increase your reach immensely in a matter of weeks or even days.

4. Blog Every Week

Your followers want to know what you’re up to. They want to know your opinions on the world. If you’re an author blog about your opinions, your books, and your events. If you’re a blogger then this already makes sense for you as you need to keep a regular schedule of content cranking for your audience. If you’re a freelance writer then you should be writing about your industry. If you’re any other type of writer then find a topic you’re interested in, or that you’re audience is interested in, and write your heart out about it. This shows your authority and creates a nice amount of interaction with those who follow you.

5. Learn SEO

If you’re going to write online then you need to understand how the SEO game is played. Paid advertising is great, and you should do it, but SEO will keep a steady flow of traffic coming to your site, where they’ll read your stuff. Speaking of…

6. Learn and Use Paid Advertising

Treat your writing business like a business. You need some seed money to put into that, when you’re ready, can be used for advertising. As a writer there are many different things you can direct your potential customers to. You can show them your writing, ask them to buy a book, or put them in your sales funnel on a landing page.

There is no avenue as profitable as collecting email addresses.

This is an opportunity that can keep repaying you for years to come. Your list can make you wealthy, if you’re doing it right.

That’s it! If you follow these 6 tips then you’re bound to have your writing business on the right track. Make sure you sign up for my email list below to get even more tips on how to make money with your writing!

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