Not a Deplorable: Why I Voted Trump
Beth Bailey

I took the time to read your article carefully. Based on this article I came see you as primarily a national security voter and you make a great point with:

“If we cannot keep our country safe, then the great strides we make at home to increase our personal freedoms and provide a positive future for our children could be for naught.”

I applaud your bravery and willingness to engage. Don’t be too put off by the thoughtless reactions, most of the people are not really thinking, but emitting conditioned responses.

My hope is that with time, if Donald Trump and the people he chooses to assist him do right by all the American people, this mental illness will be reduced. A radical and nihilistic wave has washed over our culture since the 60’s and I am actually hopeful that it will recede. By this wave I mean a form of self hate, not advances in personal freedom which I support.

I too voted for Donald Trump, and my wife and I almost dropped our support when the Access Hollywood tape came out. We winced at many of his tweets. But we also looked at other stories about his generosity that the media did not trumpet, and we looked at his family and their story. We believe, that while irascible and vain, he has a good heart and good instincts for leadership.

Further what I learned from Barack Obama’s presidency is that it is not just the president that you elect, it is as much about the tribe he installs in the executive. The last eight years we had the fruits of 60’s radicalism given the keys of power and they have not done well by us. Obama’s tribe came too heavily from academia. Their main legacy claim, ACA, was frankly botched. Their other big law, Dodd-Frank, is also a failure that will have to be rolled back. They have tried to yank the country in several directions by fiat and have choked the economy through ill considered regulations. More importantly, in their fervor for their pet projects, they neglected, and even maligned a huge swath of American citizens.

Donald Trump has spoken directly to his intent to right those ills and is giving every sign of auditioning truly diverse talent for key positions. Just the fact that he would talk to Romney is telling. If Donald Trump gets the GOP to break its thrall to special interests and govern from the center as I believe he will, great things can happen for us.

If you support economic recovery, truly fair trade, national security, controlled immigration that benefits us as well as immigrants, respecting law and people’s rights simultaneously, then you have every reason to be excited and hopeful about this new administration.

Good luck!

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