A Call Script for Obstruction

In addition to the calls we’re making on specific issues, let’s make sure our representatives are hearing directly from us about the urgent need for Democrats to take up obstructionist tactics to better resist Trump’s destructive, hateful agenda. Have you been persuaded or inspired by an op-ed or social media thread on obstruction this week? Call up your representative and read them your favorite quote, to make sure they’re getting that message from the people who are responsible for keeping them in office. “When they go low, we go high” is not an effective or ethical stance to take against this administration, especially when it’s used as an excuse to justify prioritizing the smooth functioning of the democratic process over the lives and rights of those of us most vulnerable to Trump’s systematic dismantling of American democracy. I’ve been adding this to the end of calls to my representatives (all Democrats) on specific issues, since most of those phone calls have been to express my support for their position: but it could also be adapted to specifically address Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer; ranking members of bipartisan committees; Congresspersons who attended Trump’s inauguration; as well as anyone who’s up for reelection in 2018.

I’m calling to thank the [Senator/Congressperson] for [voting against ___/ speaking out in support of ___].

I also want to strongly encourage [Senator/ Congressperson ___] to do everything in their power to actively resist and obstruct Trump’s destructive, hateful agenda. Now is not the time for civility and bipartisan cooperation or compromise. Trump has no respect for my civil rights, and clearly has not yet been deterred with civility. We spent the last 8 years with determined Republicans using any means necessary to obstruct Obama’s agenda, and it’s time for Democrats in Congress to take up these obstructionist tactics and do the same.

The majority of Americans — and the clear majority of [Senator/ Congressperson’s] constituents — voted against Trump. As a [person of color/ queer person/ immigrant/ feminist/ Muslim/ concerned citizen/ voter/ _____], I need my elected officials to prioritize my civil rights over respect for the office of the President, especially when the person currently holding that office doesn’t seem to respect it himself.

“Going high” isn’t working, and I want [Senator/ Congressperson _____] to know that I will support them when they decide to go low.