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It has become the sign-off of every letter and email I receive. We say it to others as we pass-6 feet apart- on the street. Friends and loved ones bid us to ‘stay safe’ as we part company.

I know what they mean by saying stay safe.

They mean, “Don’t get sick, don’t die, I love you.”

No one wants to see friends and family get sick and die. The phrase, “stay safe” has become ubiquitous. But the underlying meaning is being burned into our psyches: Don’t step out of the cage. It is dangerous. Be afraid.

Safe is a…

How to avoid getting them. How to say goodbye when you have one.

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As a freelance writer just starting out, you may have experienced this scenario.

Hey- maybe you are experiencing it right now and you just don’t know how to say goodbye.

It goes something like this…

You’ve taken on a client that is a bit different from your ideal client persona.

Maybe you agreed to a payment level that is far lower than you would like it to be.

Perhaps that client is a little bit too needy- sucking your precious time on their personal problems or business issues beyond your scope.

They hand you projects you are not passionate about…

How inbound marketing techniques can bring new, qualified business to your doorstep.

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If you are new to blogging you may have experienced the deflation of having your great content fall flat.

It goes something like this…

You have an idea for a great blog article. You do the research. You come up with great stories and analogies to explain your points. You find the perfect photos to capture your readers’ interest and showcase your brilliance. You spend time on your title, subtitle and formatting. You post that article.


What happened? Where are the views, the likes, the followers, the warm leads? How is all this blogging helping to grow your business?

What reading a book per week taught me about life, faith and the writing life.

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I’m not sure where I was when I was struck with the notion that I needed, not only to read more, but to read a book per week for a year. I do know that I was in a crazy place career-wise and I needed to find a way to increase my awareness of new opportunities.

The first time I got the idea to read more was when I’d stumbled upon a YouTube video of the great author, Ray Bradbury, giving a speech to a group of people on the necessity of reading to improve your craft. …

Can it really be that simple?

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I came about the knowledge of the secret of happiness a few years ago.

Although I did not know what I’d stumbled upon at the time, the secret continued to reveal itself to me over and over during the course of the next few years, until now I am sure of it and would like to share it with you.

It all started with a backache.

I know it seems unlikely that happiness could be born of pain, but bear with me on this…I woke up one warm fall day with a twinge of pain in my lower back — mainly on the left side.

My husband had left for work and I had…

Advice from a Former Chicken

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“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” -Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene II, in A Farewell to Arms

It all boils down to this: Fear is nothing more than anticipating a bad outcome for one’s immediate future.

As a born writer and creative, I have an explosive imagination. I see things that other people don’t. I make connections that aren’t obvious to others. …

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The freelance writer’s guide to getting website content jobs.

If you are a freelance writer who is just starting out and you are looking for lucrative writing opportunities, look no further than your local mom and pop shops, restaurants and professional offices that are on your town’s Main Street right now.

Nearly every business with a storefront has a website. A great income stream for the freelance writer exists in the revision of small business websites.

Widget makers and pie bakers each know their respective businesses inside out and upside down. …

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How getting ahead of yourself leads to getting ahead in freelancing and in life

When it comes to getting more out of life, it really boils down to this one question:

Am I willing to take a risk?

Think about all the times you have learned a valuable lesson in life. Were those lessons the result of careful attention to playing it safe? Probably not.

What about the big gains in your education or career or love life? Those big gains usually come when you say yes to a challenge that is beyond what you believe your abilities to be.

It is when we agree to take on a project that no one else…

Lessons from the trenches.

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Opportunities are everywhere for the freelance writer with experience.

There are blogs to write, websites to edit, newsletters that need to be drafted and so many small businesses that need promotion! If finding work is not your trouble, but your bottom line is still far too low, then chances are you may be underbidding for your work.

When I started out, my fear was that I would bid myself out of a job by pricing too high. …

I got what I wished for…now what?

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I love the writing game. I have been in it most of my professional life. Some periods of my life I have been able to write and do nothing else for income. More often than not, my writing gigs have been wrapped in other job descriptions, like communications coordinator, marketing specialist and the like.

When a contract for a big account ended in August of 2019, I had a decision to make. Did I want to launch head long into freelancing again, grow my business and actively seek out new clients; or did…

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Freelance Writer in the Wild- specializing in marketing and business promotion, media writing, non-fiction & flash fiction.

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