Tinder for News
David Bauer

We built a tinder-for-news prototype in our early designs for inkl and discovered two issues with its application in a news context which led to us deciding against it.

  1. This level of personalisation is incredibly useful across a broad horizon of ‘content’ or ‘journalism’ but drives a huge ‘fear of missing out’ if applied to the narrow slice of content that might be considered news in a more traditional sense. i.e., if your interest is in current affairs and keeping up with the world then relevance rather than personalisation is the better objective. However, if your interest is in cigars and enchiladas, then a personalised feed of stories on those two things is far more useful. Our conclusion was that we needed to curate for relevance rather than personalisation.
  2. This UX is highly inefficient for general news consumption where there is immense inherent value in displaying the top headlines and curating a ‘lean-back’ experience which imparts information even if readers don’t click on a particular headline. Displaying 1 story at a time makes for an attractive layout but assuming that the set of stories needed to satisfy your FOMO is 100+, and that you want to check into the news twice at day, it’s a very problematic construct.