I organize the DevFest Nantes as a volunteer of GDG Nantes for 7 years already.

If you don’t know what “DevFest” is, it’s a worldwide event lead by the GDG community. You can have a look here DevFest With Google.

Each year we work very hard to provide the best experience for our attendees. We try to make DevFest Nantes the most accessible (only 90€ for 2 days with food, goodies, party, conference, …). And one of the things I’m responsible for is the Countdown! Indeed, if you already go to Google I/O, you know that when you are waiting for the launch of the keynote, Google prepares a nice Countdown animation to let you play with the other attendees! …


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The idea

2018 was the year of the “space” theme. The idea was to throw planets around the sun to create a constellation of avatars! Each attendee could log through the app and use its avatar as a planet by throwing it with a very simple interface.

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You simply drag your finger from your avatar to the center of the screen and when you release it, your planet will be thrown to the main screen!

A New year = a new challenge

As I use the countdown as a personal challenge to try lots of things, this year my biggest challenge was to learn a new framework. I wanted to learn Vue.js. I used the package @vue/cli:3.0.0 …



Jean-Francois Garreau, I’m working for Sfeir and I’m a frontend developper, GDE Web, Organizer of GDG Nantes & WTM Nantes

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