Standing out in the Sea

If positioned correctly, you can walk on water.

I’m still completely blown and fascinated by what makes a particular company stand out above the vast choices of what might be seemingly similar services. What made Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other giants of our time stand out in their categories and rise to incredible prominence. I realized how important a company’s positioning is. It is what sets the trajectory of your company. It is what keeps all actions and plans on course. It’s what makes you stand out from the rest.

It does not matter what business you create; there will always be competition. Someone is bound to copy. It does not matter whether you are the first creator of a type of product or the last. How well does your business or product respond, evolve, and adapt to the consumers’ needs? What matters is if your idea is better, if your company or product is a responsive design to the business relationship.

Positioning your business concept is a mix of both art & science. These companies were able to understand who their audience is, understand their needs, and speak to them. They understand what drives their users and constantly evolves to match that rate of change. This is what makes the difference. This is what allows you to walk on water.