President Elect Trump, I am writing asking you to please look carefully at keeping Sec Robert MacDonald as Sec of Veteran Affairs. I have previously contacted you and I am trying to call your attention to this most important position to Veterans.

Veterans DO NOT want the VA dismantled as Veterans 4 America profess. Yes, veterans want things at the VA fixed but they definitely don’t want it disbanded. Please take seriously the comments and pleas of the twenty organizations who have recently sent you a letter of support for Sec MacDonald. The MyVA is working; please allow it the time to really make a total and complete difference to all veterans.

I am a Vietnam era veteran and a female. I know the VA that did not know that women even existed and lived in a “Good Old Boys” atmosphere. I also know todays VA and I can tell you the change is beyond impressive. I have been married for 44 years to a career Marine (Vietnam and Beirut), I have three sons who have or are serving. One of those sons was injured in Afghistan in August 2009 and is now Medical Retired from the US Army. Finally, just this week my father, Capt Thomas D Quinn, USNR died at the age of 92 having served in 3 wars and retired with multiple honors after 30 years. He was my swearing in officer when I enlisted in Sept 1972.

President elect Trump, I use the system, my husband and sons use the system. Yes there are areas that still need to be addressed; but please don’t disrupt the progress that Sec MacDonald has achieved. Please listen to those of us who use the system. Please speak with the staff that are there everyday and want to see continued stability. Please speak with the Unions who again are seeing and feeling the work of Sec MacDonald and support that work. Please direct YOUR congress to support Sec MacDonald and pass legislation that will allow dismissal when warranted and proper other action, even for senior leadership as is warranted. The problem in these areas is NOT Sec MacDonald it is the law.

I don’t know what else I can say. I know you are smart, thoughtful and not one who does not do the research before you make a decision. I am hopeful that this process will help you to see what I am and have been trying to point out to you and to Gov Pence. Sec MacDonald is a veteran and West Point grad, he is a businessman like yourself, he is a fixer like you; please allow him to finish his work.

Thank you sir for listening. I am hopeful you see this information first hand and are able to see the message and take it into serious consideration as you way all of the important business that still needs to be completed.

Jean Reaves

252 673 6495

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