Revolution Is Racist. Populism Is Sexist. Economic Justice Is Homophobic.
Caitlin Johnstone

I really appreciate your article. It is part of the wave of new thinking that I’ve seen blooming as our global human crisis, thousands of years in the making, looms before us with monstrous proportions. I agree with your analysis and I like your suggestion of how to evolve — by letting go of the striving that makes us so easy to manipulate.

When Trump came into office I was terrified to lose all of the environmental protections that so many have worked for over so many decades, so afraid for our non-documented immigrants, and all the rest of it. I started a local political action group in my town, joining a national movement to resist Trump, but it only took a few months for me to realize that our resistance efforts were just another way to reinforce the status quo, and that this was a dead end in terms of effecting real change. Still, it’s hard for me to let go of the system we have because history shows it has consistently given us slow, incremental change for the better — ending slavery, getting the vote for women, getting a 40-hour work week, all the good work that unions did, clean air and water laws, slowly increased rights for the disabled, legalized gay marriage, a HUGE amount of protected wilderness, and on and on.

The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker shows pretty convincingly that culture has caused violence to decrease in humans over time. Maybe we just need to keep our nose to the grindstone and continue to chip away at the forces of greed and tyranny as we’ve always done?

On the other hand, wages are stagnant. Housing prices are soaring again. The rich get richer and the poor become homeless. Drug addiction is rampant. And as far as I can tell, consensual reality is starting to break down completely. As Jordan Greenhall argues, the internet, with it’s non-hierarchical media distribution, pretty much guarantees that our current way of organizing human society will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

So yeah. Taking in the whole picture, especially how crazy things have gotten in the last year or so, I’d say we definitely need to evolve if we wanna turn this thing around, and we need to do it soon. Any ideas for how to get started?