2018 New Year’s Liberations

Thanks to Cate Huston for starting us off with her New Year’s Liberations. We need to be explicit about what we say no to, to make time and room and mental energy for what it is we want.

In 2018, I am liberating myself from:

  • My limiting beliefs about money and how much I deserve.
  • Being completely practical and responsible all the time
  • My preconceived notions of what it means to be a parent. I want my children to have memories of me taking care of myself (reading, playing games, going out with friends) so that they know I have a life that isn’t being a mom.
  • Saying yes to every inbound request and being nice and accommodating, rather than being in control of what I want.
  • Unsolicited advice, especially from people who think tech is a meritocracy and what worked for them will work for everyone else.
  • Defaulting to taking it on myself to be the planner, organizer, executer.
  • Fear-based business decisions. Hard to dream big and build big if I’m acting on fear.
  • Worrying so much about how I am perceived as a professional and not being authentic and vulnerable in how I talk about building a business.
  • Holding back what I really want to say, ignoring that pit inside me.
  • Being the one to contort myself on a crowded BART platform to make ways for others “sorry, excuse me, sorry” 🙅🏻
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