Annual Cowbird Story Telling Symposium

-[photo by jean-claude]-
  • I really could not afford it, but I did attend the 7th Annual Cowbird Story Telling Symposium in Salt Lake City. There were 144 participants. We formed small study groups: 12 writers per table.
  • I knew most of the people, but not all, at my table. Knowing, in this instance, meant I had at one point, read their stories and seen their profile photo.
  • Very few of them looked like the photos they had posted in their profile. It was also rather difficult to reconcile the “voice” heard in their stories and their personalities. More often than not, the physique did not match the “voice”. Very much the same as when one talks to someone on the phone for many years without meeting them, or the people we listen to on the radio. We build an image of what we think they look like based on the sound of the voice. Our imagination can play trick on us. Somewhat unsettling.
  • There were 9 female writers and 3 males on our table. A lovely woman sitting on my left had lips Angelina Jolie would have died for. When my eyes lingered a little too long on them, with a wink, she quipped: Kissed too many toads. On my right, a man whose stories constantly fed the soul. But here, he displayed a sharp sense of humor that betrayed his great talent for dark story telling. The first writing exercise was to create a story based on a dream we had the night before.
  • Just as I was about to start writing the story, I woke up and sadly realized, there had never been an Annual Cowbird Story Telling Symposium.
  • As least, not yet.
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