[photo & montage by jean-claude]

[Here is the cow with the appetizing tits, the man thought to himself when he noticed her on the other side of the narrow street.]
 [Why does this man make me feel so nauseous whenever I see him, she wondered? ]

Good afternoon to you, he waved at her.

Likewise she answered, waving back.

And how are you feeling today, she inquired?

Quite well, thank you! And you?

Likewise she answered.

[My God, I would love to lay on top of her, he thought!]

[It must be Wednesday, they let the perverts out, she was thinking.]

May you have a fabulous day my dear, he shouted.

Likewise! Likewise, she said waving him goodbye.

The clock was skip-hopping between one and two.

The light was soft and warm.

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