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Looking for something this very morning on YouTube, found this comment:

“Please pray for my birthmother. After a lifetime of looking around for someone who looks like me, and a 13year ardurous search to find my birthmother I found her at the end of November 2015. I had gone to St Anne de Beaupre in northern Quebec (I am from NYS) to pray in early October to find her, and I think St. Anne had something to do with it. I love my birthmother dearly (and I know she loves me because she named me after her my middle name is her first name now and she wrote me a letter when I was a newborn that said “I hope to hug you again one day”) but she is scared to reach out to me. I am not a family secret. Some people in the family know about me, and I have that proof in writing. Some don’t know of me but I know if we pray for my birthmother to have courage to tell the entire family they will only be richly blessed by meeting me because I am a kind, altruistic, and very funny person. I told my birthmother I don’t judge her, I won’t ask her hard questions like who my birthfather is or of the past, and that God has brought us together again. I ask everyone if you could be so kind as to pray for my birthmother to have the courage to come forward and say hello and for us to get to know each other (and soon, within the year would be nice). My whole life I wanted to get to know her, and now I discovered I have half siblings, uncles, and cousins I want to get to know too. So, please in Jesus’ name let us pray for my dearest birthmother to be courageous and reach out to me and that we can start a new normal together.”

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