The life of a Lie

[photo by jean-claude]

This is a true story. [It depends what you mean by true.]

The Guru, after indulging in nose clearing, said: “It’s all an illusion.”. She could not fathom how right it was when it came to me. My parents did not have any children. They were not able to. It was at a time when the science of fertility had not even entered the brains of clever researchers. They would not adopt but they would not give up on the idea of seeing themselves as parents, so they invented me. They would take me for walk in a large prom in which “I” was totally hidden by a large quilt or a sunscreen. It was too cold or too hot to expose “me” to the elements they would tell people who were curious to see the face of the baby. We don’t want him to be sick, they said They talked to me all the time. They would say to each other: how is the little one doing? Fine said the other. “He” seems to be very sleepy these days. Must be going through a growth spurt, the other would add. When school time came they told the authority they would home school me. They both died in a car accident, my father was trying to reach me in the back seat, and the car moved into incoming lane — head collision. “I” did not want to end the marvelous adventure, so “I” decided that I would keep the illusion going. The age of computer was just coming along and I joined Second Life. I have never been as happy and alive as I am now.

To give a tad more legitimacy of who I am pretending to be, I use a “create a story” software to write in Medium. So far no one has seen through the veil.

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