Some good thoughts. I will disagree with one point.
Eric Limbeck

Most believers in endless job creation miss that previous automation enabled to liberate humans from not-intelligent tasks, that enabled humans to improve their own productivity, while the new wave of automation is about replacing humans altogether by outperforming their intelligence, this is about automating high-paying, higher-education jobs.

The massive job losses coming soon with the advent of autonomous vehicles will not only have enormous destabilizing consequences, they will not be replaced, not even by green jobs for renewable energy plants because these jobs are being automated as well as we speak to make this plants competitive against fossil fuels.

Most of the third-world people today are benefiting from automation by the increased availability of affordable food and things, but it does not help create jobs that are immune to the upcoming intelligence automation wave. The vast majority of these jobs will be automated within the next 20 years putting all these people out of work are requiring aid that will be easier and cheaper to deliver thanks to automation.

This means we need to redefine what it means to be be human. It can be heaven of hell as Robin Chase puts it.

On the hell side, it means civil unrest, increased crime rates because people will want to survive and extreme violence.

On the heaven side, it means we will be free from labor, near-slavery for many, and can devote our lives to a better, a more equal world, a cleaner world, educating our kids to become good happy people instead of high-earners.

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