Every bug is a stupid bug

I always hated the number three, I guess it’s now hitting back. On day 3 of the Andela bootcamp, I have been scrambling with sessions for most of the day. The funny thing about coding is that every bug is a stupid bug once you figure it out. I don’t have any idea what happens when you are in between those bug walls and you’ve been needle-in-a-haystack searching for countless hours and you simply can’t figure it out.

Debugging simply doesn’t work sometimes. Two kinds of people succeed to find bugs though, the ones that have perseverance and the ones that accepts help. Everyone has his reaction when it comes to debugging, some feel like they want to break their computer, others step for a while away of their computer and my favorite people, well they just give up which make sense sometimes but what is life without challenges.

What is more agonizing is when you realize it was a typo, my case today. I wrote lacalhost instead of localhost, but that is what makes coding sexy. It cools everyone down, it doesn’t care which race, tribe or genre you come from. Whether you are a white walker, a mother of dragons or a simple soldier, when coding we are all the same.